Congratulations to the newly promoted police officers of Police Regional Office 7! We rejoice with you on this momentous development in your career.

This is a day of celebration and triumph for fulfilled dreams and ambition. A step higher in the ladder of ranks and position, your dedication to the job at hand has finally borne fruitful results.

Today began with lighter spring in your steps, merrier and joyous disposition because the targeted day of promotion is here. I can feel the palpable air of excitement and anticipation for that new insignia on your arms and shoulders.

According to Spiderman “With great power, comes great responsibilities”. This is true with your promotion because higher rank will transcend to greater responsibilities.

Getting the promotion is not only glory and honour rather a bigger obligation and accountability to the people in the community. The rank only begets respect if you are able to deliver reliable, responsible, timely and apt public service.

Obtaining that rank on your shoulders and arms does that mean that you are higher, better or powerful than the regular Juan, but it simply means that to deserve that promotion is by simply giving back to the people through honest and truthful service.
I would also like to accord equal congratulations to the family of the newly promoted personnel, the sacrifices you have endured to carry on solely the responsibilities of your husbands and wives is admirable. The police officers are able to concentrate well in their duties because they have reliable and dependable partners at home. As well as children who understand the demands of the job of their parents.

Your promotion is the best Christmas gift that you received this year which will inspire you to perform your duties with zest in policing and providing safer communities of peace, prosperous economy and enjoyable atmosphere.

We are edging towards the road of realization of our PNP Patrol Plan 2030 under Learning and Growth. We will persist to provide an environment for you to grow and develop as better leaders and police officers.

Continue to serve with passion and dedication to the people of Central Visayas! Congratulations once again, Kudos to everyone!

Daghang Salamat ug Maayong buntag ka natong tanan!

Regional Director, PRO7