On Tuesday afternoon, PBGEN RONNIE A MONTEJO, PRO7 Regional Director as the esteemed guest, spearheaded the turning over of a 4-door communal toilet to Sitio Tunga, Tanke, the City of Talisay with Hon.Samsam Gullas, Talisay City Mayor.
This is the third communal toilet turned over jointly by the City LGU, PNP, CACTPD as part of the anti-drug campaign dubbed as “Oplan Limpyo Talisay”.
The City of Talisay Police Station’s Oplan Limpyo is a comprehensive and analytical approach against illegal drugs tailored-fit for Barangay which has four different but interconnected approaches: Relentless Anti-Drug Operation, Barangay Empowerment, and Visitation, Drug Rehabilitation, and Drug Clearing Operations.
After accounting all the DI Watchlisted personalities in illegal drugs, the police proceed to the second strategy which is Barangay Empowerment and Visitation.
During house-to-house visitation, the idea of constructing a communal toilet was upon agreed since 60% of the residents in Magay, Rattan does not have their comfort rooms.
Thus, the police with the help of the LGU started constructing Communal Toilets.
In response, the residents of these Sitios volunteered to help the police to conduct patrolling and roving in their Sitios. They are called the “Tanke Defenders”.
This newfound partnership between the police and the community has led to the cleansing of Tanke from illegal drugs.
From a previously dreaded barangay, Tanke now becomes a model of peace and security with the community strongly supporting the government. This is also aligned with the CPNP’s “Intensified Cleanliness Policy”, especially in the area of cleanliness in the community.
During the visit of the former CPNP, PGen Debold Sinas, the ala played a considerable amount to ensure the continuity of Oplan Limpyo Talisay. With this strategy, we are optimistic that we can introduce significant gains in the fight against illegal drugs and crimes in the city. (Credit to Talisay City PS)