December 21, 2020
The PNP leadership strongly condemns to the highest order the criminal act committed by one of our police personnel that had gone viral. Words are not enough to assuage the feelings of the bereaved family of the victims, Mrs. Sonia Gregorio, and her son, Frank. But we assure them and the Filipino people that justice will be served. The PNP does not and will never condone any criminal act of our police officers, in particular the case involving PSSg Jonel M Nuezca, as criminal action has already been initiated by the Chief of Police of Paniqui Municipal Police Station in Tarlac where subject policeman is now placed in detention.
Likewise, an investigation will also motu propio be conducted by the PNP Internal Affairs Service. I have further directed the IAS to ensure the quick resolution of the summary hearing case against PSSg Nuezca for my approval of his immediate dismissal from the service.
Again, let me express my sincere condolences to the family of the victims, and I am extending to them any form of assistance within my power as Chief, PNP in this unexpected time of grief.
The PNP considers this an isolated act of criminality that does not reflect the PNP’s policies and practice.
In no way will such incident affect the sworn duty of the 221,000 police personnel to serve and protect our people. Our organization remains committed to carry out our mandate and we will always be ready to selflessly provide our people with the services that they deserve from their Philippine National Police.