PRO7 invest in its fire power capability to empower the police force.
PBGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS FERRO, Regional Director, PRO7 turn-overs logistical  equipment and supplies to Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO), Saturday morning, October 24, 2020.
“The turn-over of resources will be an advantage to the police force in fighting insurgents and criminals lurking in Bohol. While it also gives the assurance to the people that they are safe in the hands of the PNP,” said Police Brigadier General Ferro.
Bohol PPO receives 60 units basic assault rifle Galil Ace22N, 12,600 rds of cal. 5.56 ammunition (SS109), 420 units cal. 5.56 magazine, 60 units magazine coupler, 60 units tactical sling, 60 pcs Instructional Manual, 60 pcs corrosion protection, 60 pcs cleaning kits, 152 pcs undershirt vests (Level IIIA), and 1,500 rds of cal.5.56 ammunition (M193).
Present during the ceremony were Hon. Rene Relampagos, Vice-Governor, Bohol province, Hon. Ricky Masamayor, 1st District Board Member on Committee on Peace and Order, Bohol PPO officials and members of the media.