giving blood.
I salute all of you for sacrificing yourselves despite what you have been through. As your leader, I am happy and proud of your valour. This is proof that your parents did not fail in raising you, an evidence of your qualities as good people with values.
During my stint here in Central Visayas, I have witnessed the kindness and generosity of the Cebuanos and the willingness to help others. Belonging to the proud lineage of Lapu- lapu is a useful trait in this pandemic. The braveness to face obstacles has channelled your resilience in in this health crisis.
My advice to all of you, continue to be alert, vigilant and protect yourselves from the virus. Always wear masks, face shield, wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing. Above all, share the lesson from this situation so that everyone you know will be careful of the deadly disease.
Our fight is still long and this won’t be easy that’s why we need to be alert all the time and be mindful of our surroundings to protect our families because they are our treasure.
As your Regional Director, I am grateful for your dedication to work despite being sick from COVID-19. Your commitment to your work is commendable in this time of pandemic.
To all the police officers who have given your life and your blood, Daghang salamat Mabuhi kamo!
Regional Director, PRO7